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If you are looking for a new prosthetic to drastically improve your smile, look no further than dental bridges. Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, are tooth prosthetics designed to anchor to nearby or neighboring teeth and are designed to fill in gaps in your smile. Dental bridges are tooth colored in appearance and are typically made out of metal or porcelain to ensure they are durable.

If you are in need of a dental bridge, it is important to understand what makes them so effective. Dental bridges are extremely effective for filling in gaps in your smile, that if left untreated, would lead to an increase in tooth decay, plaque buildup, and can cause gum destabilization and tooth slippage.

To help prevent any ailments that can arise from missing teeth, dental implants can be placed directly into your mouth for a permanent hold. They can improve speech, improve your ability to eat, improve the look of your natural teeth, complete your smile, and provide better oral health.

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