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Dental anxiety is often associated with the unknown and often consists of fears and concerns from visiting the dentist office. Fortunately, it can be treated. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it can be caused by numerous reasons. However, numerous treatments also exist to help ensure that any oral health care treatments or examinations you require can go off smoothly. If you have any fears of the unknown, it is always important to speak with your dentist so they can assist you in any way possible.

Oftentimes, calming or relaxing music can help you with any dental procedures you may have. Not only can your dentist help with noises at the office, but you can listen to music to meditate and relax in the comfort of your own home to prepare you.

If you struggle with any feelings of pain, or stress associated with pain, a sedative can be given to help calm and relax you. In addition to sedatives, numerous stress toys such a squeeze balls and fidget spinners can help you overcome any dental anxiety you may suffer from. Breathing deeply and slowly also helps.

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