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Are you aware of the rise of cavities during the holiday season? Every year during the holidays, there is often a rush to the dentist office to have cavities repaired. This is because numerous sweets and treats that we enjoy this festive time of year are often laden with sugar, carbs, acids, and other substances that can easily damage your teeth and gums. We want you to enjoy your holiday, but practice effective cavity prevention techniques to ensure your smile does not start the new year off with the cavity.

To help prevent cavities, it’s always a good idea to practice safe and effective cleaning procedures with the proper cleaning utensils. Always make sure you have a toothbrush with soft bristles that can effectively clean your entire mouth. Furthermore, focus on using a shred-resistant floss to ensure you can remove plaque buildup and debris from between teeth. In addition, consider alternative treatments such as mouthwash and chewing gum.

Always make sure your lifestyle habits are in line with your oral health care habits. Eat a diet that is nutritious and full of healthy meals. Exercise caution with any products that can be overly acidic or feature loads of sugar. If you are in need of additional oral health care, visit your dentist for an oral examination, a professional cleaning, or a cavity prevention procedure such as dental sealants.

Cavity-prevention treatments designed to protect your teeth can save your smile. For an oral checkup at Complete Dental Care at our dentist office in Newcomerstown, Ohio, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicolas Benavides and our team by calling our office at 740-254-8102.